DevConf 2019


Last year I had the pleasure of attending the DevConf 2019 in Krakow, Poland. It was a two day IT conference with multiple lectures and presentations taking place simultaneously. It served as a great opportunity for all attendees to delve into a vast array of topics like technology or self-growth to name a few.

In this short note I would like to recommend a few interesting talks to watch at home. Here are my six picks:

“Domain Driven Design: The Good Parts” by Jimmy Bogard (link)

An interesting case study about the implementation of DDD in the Texas Juvenile Justice Department’s system. The author goes into detail about which aspects of DDD work for him and which do not in said environment.

“Six Little Lines of Fail” by Jimmy Bogard (link)

Another presentation by the same author and yet another hit. This time, Bogard focuses on possible approaches to handling errors in code with multiple operations involved (i.e. a method that writes to database and subsequently invokes external API). The author also describes existing solutions for such scenarios.

“Code the Future, Now” by Adam Ralph (link)

This presentation shows how the SAGA pattern (link) can be used to change the state of system in the future.

Some service buses (like NServiceBus) allows sending a message form SAGA class that will occur in the future (a determined time period i.e. in a week). Such event has the potential to change the state of the system with a guarantee that it will be invoked only once (eliminating the issue of changing state by introducing multiple threats/services at the same time).

In NServiceBus such a scenario can be implemented using SAGA Timeouts – (link).

If you would like to learn more then I can definitely recommend this talk.

“Feature Toggles: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” by Andy Davies (link)

Here we can learn more about proper management of feature toggles in our code but also about the potential hazards of risky practices. This knowledge could save your company from an IT disaster. A definite must watch.

“The Art of Code” by Dylan Beattie (link)

A very entertaining presentation about the “art” of coding. Beattie demonstrates many examples of quirky code created by developers for fun and happiness of other people. A good and relaxing talk to improve your day.

“Welcome to The Machine” by Hadi Hariri (link)

Contrary to the previous suggestion, this lecture is more serious and even anxiety inducing. Hariri talks about the challenges the age of internet poses to our privacy and how big IT companies exploit our data for profit. Nowadays, we tend to divert our attention away from such issues and this presentation makes you think about the way you handle your data and with whom you share it.

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