Asynchronous Communication and Its Importance For Remote Work

Asynchronous communication and its importance in remote work

Today, when most companies work remotely, communication becomes crucial. We often struggle with lack of good communication we used to know from the office environment. However, was this office communication really effective? Didn’t we waste too much time on coffee breaks and randomly talking with coworkers? Let’s see how asynchronous communication can make our remote work super-effective.

6 Steps to Effectively Extract React Component

In React applications, I often realize that my component starts getting too big. It starts to have too many responsibilities. Sometimes I also see that the part of my component might be reused by other components. This is a great moment to extract this part of the component into a separate one. In today’s article I’m presenting how I do it quickly and effectively.

Can Online Conferences Replace Offline Ones?

IT conferences are a great way to stay up-to-date with technology and the newest industry trends, but also to interact with fellow programmers or specialists. At Yumasoft we also value conferences and our colleagues often attend such events. However, as we are now in the middle of the global pandemic, the conferences – as most of the activities – moved online. Is it possible for an online conference to provide as much value as the offline events used to provide? Is it worth paying for online conferences’ tickets? Do online conferences provide any sort of community interaction?

On 20th March 2021 I had a chance to attend the Boiling Frogs 2021 conference. The event was held 100% online this year. I was not sure whether this was a good idea to take part in an online conference, but finally decided to try. In this article I will try to point out how the event was organized, what worked and what could have been better in my opinion.