DevConf 2022

DevConf 2022

This year, in September, I was finally (after the COVID “dark times”) able to attend the real conferences. This one took place in the city of Lodz (Poland) and it was a 2 day event.

In this short summary I will describe the main topics of the conference and I will point to some good talks I’ve seen.

Can Online Conferences Replace Offline Ones?

IT conferences are a great way to stay up-to-date with technology and the newest industry trends, but also to interact with fellow programmers or specialists. At Yumasoft we also value conferences and our colleagues often attend such events. However, as we are now in the middle of the global pandemic, the conferences – as most of the activities – moved online. Is it possible for an online conference to provide as much value as the offline events used to provide? Is it worth paying for online conferences’ tickets? Do online conferences provide any sort of community interaction?

On 20th March 2021 I had a chance to attend the Boiling Frogs 2021 conference. The event was held 100% online this year. I was not sure whether this was a good idea to take part in an online conference, but finally decided to try. In this article I will try to point out how the event was organized, what worked and what could have been better in my opinion.

The 4DEVELOPERS Katowice 2019 conference

On October 21, 2019 I had the pleasure to participate in the Silesian edition of the 4DEVELOPERS conference in Katowice, which is the Silesian edition of the largest technology festival for programmers in Poland. The conference was addressed mainly to programmers who are familiar with Microsoft technologies. There were 32 lectures given by 32 speakers, and around 400 participants attended the entire event.

DevConf 2019


Last year I had the pleasure of attending the DevConf 2019 in Krakow, Poland. It was a two day IT conference with multiple lectures and presentations taking place simultaneously. It served as a great opportunity for all attendees to delve into a vast array of topics like technology or self-growth to name a few.

In this short note I would like to recommend a few interesting talks to watch at home. Here are my six picks: