Half a year in a campervan in Spain and Portugal

In today’s dynamic world, many people are seeking unconventional ways of life that combine the freedom of travel, closeness to nature, and remote work. One of the increasingly popular trends is the lifestyle of a digital nomad. This is a person who works and travels at the same time because his job doesn’t depend on a location.  Many of them choose living in a campervan, blending work with the exploration of new places and experiences.

Technologies We Are Looking At In 2023

Technologies we are looking at in 2023

As 2022 approaches its end, we can start making some summaries. By this opportunity, we have recently had a series of internal, in-person meetings. One of them included brainstorming sessions with one of our largest customers.

The product of those meetings are technological perspectives for Yumasoft and our clients in the coming months. In this article, I’d like to share some of the technologies we are going to look into in 2023.

DevConf 2022

DevConf 2022

This year, in September, I was finally (after the COVID “dark times”) able to attend the real conferences. This one took place in the city of Lodz (Poland) and it was a 2 day event.

In this short summary I will describe the main topics of the conference and I will point to some good talks I’ve seen.

Webpack Watch Cached And Not Refreshing Bundles

webpack code showing [cached] everywhere

If you use webpack as your JavaScript bundler, you might have experienced an issue with webpack --watch not refreshing your bundles when modifying the source files. In this case, webpack’s output after changing the file is similar to the following one:

Webpack output showing [cached]

As you can see, there are some [cached] mentions there in a few places and no [code generated] statements at all. The effect is that your bundles are not rebuilt at all. In order to have them refreshed, you need to restart the building process, which takes time and makes your development flow painful. If you want to know how to solve that problem, read on ?

How Remote Work Is Changing The World

Man with mask on sitting by his laptop with engineering tools around

As you know, at Yumasoft, we are proponents of remote work. We think that, as long as the work is done, our colleagues can work from any place they want.

The development of remote work has increased significantly in the recent months. How is that affecting the world and politics? Have governments already defined who a digital nomad is? How do countries see remote workers – are they welcome or not? What about visa problems for digital nomads – is it being solved, or is still kept in the gray area? ?

In today’s essay, I’m trying to answer these questions and make some predictions on how the future of remote work will look like.

How Does TypeScript Types Narrowing Work?

Have you ever heard about TypeScript types narrowing? Have you ever seen such an error in your TypeScript code:

TypeScript complains about "name" property not existing  on "person" object of type "object"

Even tough, you really knew that the name property exists on the person object? How did you solve this problem? Did you cast the variable to the expected type?

If the answer to at least one of those questions is yes, you might read on. There are better ways of determining the type of local variable in TypeScript. What’s more, TS compiler does a lot of stuff for us by leveraging types narrowing. In this article, we are going to see how it works and how it can be useful ?