Asynchronous Communication and Its Importance For Remote Work

Asynchronous communication and its importance in remote work

Today, when most companies work remotely, communication becomes crucial. We often struggle with lack of good communication we used to know from the office environment. However, was this office communication really effective? Didn’t we waste too much time on coffee breaks and randomly talking with coworkers? Let’s see how asynchronous communication can make our remote work super-effective.

5 Myths About Remote Teams

In the previous article we took a look at the biggest myths about digital nomads. Today we’re going to take a look at common misconceptions about remote teams.

People have various images of remote teams. Even though remote work becomes more and more common nowadays, there are still many stereotypes about non-stationary teams. In today’s article I’m demystifying 5 biggest of such myths.

5 Tips on Remote Programmers Team Work Organization

In today’s article we’re taking a look at remote work organization. How to organize a remote team of programmers? How to do that efficiently? There are a few simple techniques that can make the team’s communication and cooperation much smoother and better. I’m sharing 5 useful tips to make remote teams working better.

The tips mentioned in this article can be applied to not only team of software developers, but to any kind of remote team that involves communication and cooperation between its members