Half a year in a campervan in Spain and Portugal

In today’s dynamic world, many people are seeking unconventional ways of life that combine the freedom of travel, closeness to nature, and remote work. One of the increasingly popular trends is the lifestyle of a digital nomad. This is a person who works and travels at the same time because his job doesn’t depend on a location.  Many of them choose living in a campervan, blending work with the exploration of new places and experiences.

Top 5 Places for Digital Nomads in Southeast Asia

Laptop, tea and remote work

Based on my personal experience as a remote worker, I’d like to share with you my top 5 places for digital nomads in Southeast Asia. I found all these places having a great vibe for digital nomads.

At Yumasoft, we leverage remote work. It allows people who cooperate with us to freely travel if they’d like to. Everyone can choose to live in a place they feel comfortable. Especially in current times, when pandemic has changed a lot in terms of remote work. Let’s make a good use of it ?